Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lovehoney Flash USB Rechargeable Vibrator

Warning: personal stories ahead. Nothing triggering that I can think of, but if you're not interested feel free to skip to my review below.

I didn't want to like the Lovehoney Flash. It's too buzzy, it's too loud, and the toy snob in me thought that would immediately throw me off. I was wrong- the Lovehoney Flash has irreversibly changed my life.

There's something I haven't really talked about on my blog that's a big part of my life: I believed that I could not orgasm during penetrative intercourse. I only have noticeably once that I can recall (it was likely a G-Spot orgasm) and my partner at the time and myself were unable to replicate it. With my current partner, I was noticing that after a minute or two I became incredibly disinterested in penetration and it honestly became a huge issue in our relationship. He thought I wasn't attracted to him and this made me anxious and I started avoiding sex altogether, except on rare occasion. I'll admit that my anxiety really got in the way of me properly communicating, but I also had no idea what was going on.

Que our trip to visit his family in Ohio. We ended up having a day to ourselves and I was feeling feisty. My partner had been insisting for awhile now that I squirt- that I ejaculate, which is commonly linked to g-spot stimulation for women- and I had been brushing it off. In our haste, he didn't take his shirt off, and when we were done I looked over and there was a huge wet spot on the bottom of his tshirt. A lightbulb went off.

Essentially, I've been orgasming... but I haven't been feeling it. This made a lot of sense to me; when I orgasm I generally lose interest in whatever's going on- So, I was orgasming and not feeling it but my body lost interest once that passed. My partner was too good and I didn't even know it. This sort of thing is all too common amongst women; since we have internal sexual apparatus it can be more difficult to figure out how to manipulate than men, who are right out in the open on most occasions (though the prostate is an often overlooked asset, pleasure-wise).

What does all this have to do with the Lovehoney Flash? I had been using it solo to surprisingly good results. The vibrations, though buzzy, are much stronger than what I get from the Lelo Gigi and if I press the silicone tip of the Flash firmly against my clitoris, it reverberates throughout the internal clitoris. Once I realized what was going on with my ghost orgasms, I decided it was a good idea to try the Flash during intercourse.

So, my partner propped me up on some pillows, I held the Flash to my clitoris.... and I could actually feel everything that was going on in my vagina.

The internal erect clitoris. that little nubbin on the very front? that's the external clitoris. Like an iceberg or the Tardis, the clitoris really is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. 
For those of you unawares, the clitoris is erectile tissue just as the penis is. It's made up of the glans, which is the external portion, and a large interior structure which may or may not include the g-spot. The body of the clitoris extends up from the glans and separates into the corpora cavernosa, which reach around the urethra and vagina, and the crura, which are two wings or legs extending out parallel to the Corpora Cavernosa. When these are engorged with blood, women report more luck with g-spot orgasm (the g-spot is spongy tissue that encircles the urethra, and is therefore in contact with the Corpora Cavernosa) and often feel intercourse more readily, which is the case with me. Vibrations extending from the glans into the internal clitoris can help this process, but you generally need a relatively strong vibrator for this to be the case. Check out this blogpost from the Museum of Sex for more info on the internal clitoris!

Now, I'm not saying that the Flash will be this magical for everyone, but I find it necessary to recount my experiences. The flash is buzzy. It can be on the loud side (not too loud, but if it's the middle of the night and quiet and someone stops outside your bedroom door they could probably hear it). Some people cannot stand buzzy vibrations and I understand- my first attempt at using this left me cringing in horror. Once I learned how to dull the buzz by pressing it firmly against my clit, that wasn't an issue. The tip is silicone and finger shaped which is nice but you can see it vibrating, especially on pulsation patterns, which is probably what leads to the buzz. There is no indication of how long it should charge (even on the packaging or in the instructions), when it needs to charge, or when it's done charging. There's a light in the single button of the vibrator, so I don't see why they couldn't have it indicate when it's done charging.

Though not as intuitive when it comes to knowing when it's charged, it is at the very least discreet while charging. 
The flash is comprable to the Lelo Mia 2. The differences are of course that the Mia 2 isn't as strong, it's completely round and only ABS (non-porous) hard plastic, it's quieter, and it indicates when it needs to charge and when it's done charging. The button on the flash is oriented towards your body, whereas the shape of the Mia 2 means that you can turn it any which way is most comfortable to you. The vibrating portion of the Mia is what plugs into the USB port- the part of the Flash that plugs in is the hard plastic body, not the silicone tip. The Flash is $39.99 and the Mia 2 is $69 on the company websites. So, depending on your preferences and the price range you're looking in, I'd say decide from there.

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The Lovehoney USB Flash Rechargeable Vibrator was provided to me free of charge by Lovehoney in return for my honest review. All opinions expressed are mine. 

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  1. First of all, I have to admit that I've never before compared my clitoris to the Tardis, but rest assured that I will do so in the future.

    Second, I can see why they call it the Flash, it looks just like a flash-drive! Which is great if discreetness matters to you.

    Third, I've always wanted a USB-rechargeable toy, it just seems so convenient.

    Fourth (this is getting long), fabulous review, as always! :o)