Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Love Letter to my Diva Cup


It has been just four menstrual cycles that we'vs been together, now, and I know that isn't long but I'm glad you're in my life.

Today I remembered why you're fantastic: the first day of my period my cramps are usually really bad (and oh, they were) and this is the only time you ever feel uncomfortable- so I used a pad. I had a few of my comfortable, natural, bleach free pads laying around since I brought you into my life, and that sure brought back some bad memories. Soggy pads? Dry Labia Majora and Minora? TMI, but I could feel the menstrual blood coagulating on my pubes. I personally don't find menstrual blood to be gross (its just blood! My body produces that, its cool) but coagulated blood creating a tangled mess of pubes is not fun. Even the bleach-free and relatively comfortable nature of the naturacare pads couldn't compete with you.

I eventually got tired of the games and changed back to using you; insertion comes second nature now, and the immediate comfort was a relief. No soggy lumps of cotton in my panties and none of the bs that comes standard with pad usage.

Four months in and I'm still devoted to you, Diva. There's no turning back from this point on: I'm more comfortable with my body and feel more at-one with my vagina than I ever have in my life, all thanks to you. My body's natural functions feel natural, and only come along with the initial cramping.

Thanks, Diva!

P.S. Silicone Everything: it really is my motto.


  1. Cute letter!

    I love(d) my Diva Cup - lost it during my last move so I really need to get a new one. When I first got my cup, it was the first time I was ever excited to get my period, lol.

    Silicone everything...PREACH IT!

  2. I'm glad you love your Diva-Cup! I've heard nothing but rave reviews for them.
    I wanted to get one myself, but since I've been on BC my periods have been super-light, and it doesn't seem worth the expense now.