Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fun Factory Magnum Stubbs: Feeling it in All The Wrong Ways

This is my favorite thing to do with the Fun Factory Magnum Stubbs. This and 'boink-ing' it are the only things I like to do with my Magnum Stubbs, sad to say. 
I wanted to like the Fun Factory Magnum Stubbs. Not only because it's fun to suction to things and "boink" (if it's suctioned to something and you pull it one way, it "boinks" back and forth. the result is hilarious) and not only because it was a display model that I got for free thanks to the owner of my store being pretty awesome, but because it's a nice silicone product- I've flame tested*, and this thing is definitely 100% silicone, no questions about it.

I don't know if you know, but I love silicone. It's non-porous, super easy to clean, and there is pretty much no chance it will leach chemicals into my body or that I'll have a reaction to the material. I can boil it if I wanted to, or throw it into the dishwasher.

Beside that, it's super-simple in shape, and I thought that maybe it would be good for g-spot stimulation; it has a slight curve to it and a bulb at the end, hinting at a super-simplified realism. It's pink, sure, and I'm not a huge fan of pink- but at least it's more of a magenta color.

I tried, I tried valiantly.

Unfortunately, the Magnum Stubbs is too hard for my vagina. Though it's a pliant silicone, there isn't much squish to it. The finish on it- a very shiny, slick finish reminiscent of the le creuset silicone spatula my partner has (we're a silicone household, it's true)- just feels weird.

Inserting this thing is uncomfortable. I can feel it stretching out my PC muscles (also known as Kegels, these are the muscles that run from the front of your pelvis to your tailbone, wrapping around the urethra, vaginal canal, and anus in women and urethra and anus in men) right away, and even after the bulb at the end is inserted, it still feels like it's just stretching me out. Just letting it hang out isn't comfortable at all, and thrusting results in this weird sensation where it feels like the dildo is squeaking inside of me, though there isn't any sound, and when the end of the dildo got too close to the opening of my vagina, my PC muscles would push it out since they were so stretched from the girth of the toy.

I know I just re-used a picture from my Breeder Review, but a) I don't even want to look at this dildo anymore, let alone take pictures of it, and b) this is a good comparison of size and texture differences. 
My conclusion here is that the hardness, girth, and texture of the dildo are a trifecta of everything that's wrong for me. The texture and hardness may not have been so much of an issue had the girth not been too much for me (and this is probably the case, as the Key by Jopen Comet G wand is definitely firmer but I don't have the same issues with it due to the shape), but I know for a fact that softer toys, even with larger girth, are not an issue- the Bad Dragon Breeder, for example. The Breeder is definitely girthier than the Stubbs, but the difference here is the texture (the Breeder is very squishy) and the shape of the product (the Breeder starts small and gets progressively larger)- in other words, though the Breeder is bigger in length and girth, it is much more subtle, whereas the Stubbs is in your face yelling "HERE I AM!"

My partner has found the same; the Stubbs is too hard for him to use comfortably. I had him use it solo because I got in a harness and the Breeder is too squishy and difficult to get into it for use and I wanted to know if he liked the Stubbs before I used it. He told me it was "ok" but then when I asked him more, he told me it "kind of hurt"- he seems to take most of my toys as a challenge, and he doesn't like when they don't work out for him. We're now on a quest to find a better dildo for use with the harness.

Though the Stubbs has not worked out for us, it may work out for others who like girth or like harder toys- but if you don't know that's something you want, I wouldn't suggest this product. It may be good for anal penetration with a strap on harness, but it depends on the preferences of your partner. The firmness of it means that it's good for anal penetration, but if they're not very experienced they probably wouldn't like it. My partner is pretty experienced, but just finds that he doesn't like the texture of this one.

The toy does fit really nicely into my harness and the base is fantastic both because it can suction and because it works with a harness rather than against it, but those are about the only good things about this toy in my experience.

One day I'll make a video of me "boinking" the Magnum Stubbs so you can all understand how fun it is- however, this should not be the most fun thing to do with a sex toy.

Bottom Line: Too hard. Way, way too hard.

*flame testing is bringing a lighter to a product to see whether or not it is silicone. Real, pure silicone can withstand high temperatures (which is why that silpat is great for baking on), so if you bring flame to it it may create some ash, but after rubbing it away there should be little to no indication that anything happened. If large amounts of material flake off or there's a sticky something coming off on to your hands, it's not silicone or it's silicone mixed with elastomer (elastomed), TPR, TPE, or some other such 'less porous' and cheaper material. More info on this when my post about silicone comes out.


  1. I'm like 99% sure I have this toy. I've got a silicone dildo from FunFactory that looks identical, except my base is round.
    I happen to like it, but then again I've got kind of a thing for really girthy toys. I find that the firmness is great for G-spotting as well, but I can see that it would be a total put-off if that's not your thing.
    Thanks for the review! Sorry you didn't like the toy (I've named mine Steve for some reason).

    1. Well, I always like to say that I may absolutely love or hate something and someone else may feel the exact opposite. I'm glad Steve has worked out for you; Fun Factory has some really quality toys, I'll just need to find a different one that I like!