Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bad Dragon Breeder: Why I Love This Unusual Dildo

Breeder featuring Lelo Gigi, Sliquid Organics Gel, and The Best Water Bottle Ever.
Bad Dragon products are not for everyone: they serve a very specific niche market with their fantasy dildos and masturbation sleeves. Amongst their products you'll find dragons, cockatrices, stallions, dragonesses, anthro huskies, and more. Though I don't fit into their specific niche market (I don't fantasize about dragons, stallions, or any of the other fantasy characters they have amongst their ranks) my Bad Dragon Breeder is by far my favorite dildo. This isn't too much of a feat, since I only have two- but I'm not sure that I'll find another silicone dildo that's anything like this, at least not from another company.

I'd like to say before I get into this that I find nothing wrong with the specific fantasy Bad Dragon is catering to; I've known people that would love Bad Dragon products for what they are and I personally believe that everyone should be able to safely practice whatever their fantasy is (so long as their fantasy involves informed consent) without stigma. Human sexuality is a multi-faceted and complicated thing that we should celebrate. For those of you who may be interested in Bad Dragon for the fantasy they provide, please look past my calls to mainstream folks to try these products; there is still information for you here, I'm just trying to speak from my own experience and encourage others like myself to be interested in these fantastic products. If any of this ends up being accidentally offensive, I apologize, and please email me to let me know so I can change my wording.

The thing that makes Bad Dragon products so unique is the customization available to you: you get to choose from 3 densities, generally 3 or even 4 size options, whether or not it has a suction cup, and you get to choose the color. They have Toy Exclusive Colors, Standard Colors, and Custom Colorations available. Mine has a custom pink/orange/yellow fade and it is gorgeous, if I do say so myself. I've seen pictures of some that are rainbow, which are beautiful. I eventually plan on ordering a product with rainbow coloration from them.

Mini next to it's full-size counterpart. 
My Breeder is medium density, medium size, and as mentioned, a pink-orange-yellow coloration. I also got three sample disks of the different densities (a normal order would just have a disk of your products' density so you can test lubricants on it, unless you order a Sample Pack), an awesome pen, and a mini version of my product.

The reason I love this product is the squishiness of it; there's nothing quite like it on the market that's silicone. The closest products I know of are the Tantus O2 dual density toys or Vixen Vixskin dual densities- but they have an outer layer of squishy (in the case of tantus, dimethicone) silicone and a core of firmer silicone which gives a more "realistic" feel. In the case of my bad dragon toy, its one density through and through- though you can get them so they have a base that's the higher density and the rest of the toy is soft or other variations depending on the product. Looking at the sample disks, I'd say the soft density is about on par with many jelly rubber toys in terms of squishiness.

Why is this fantastic? Not everyone wants a stiff silicone dildo. I get people in the store all the time saying they want a non-porous option that is comparable to jelly rubber because they find stiffer silicones to be uncomfortable.

A pussy and some dildos. Here you can see the Breeder, the Magnum Stubbs, Gigi, Laid P.3 cockring, and
Sliquid Organics Gel in the background. 
The two dildos I have right now could not be more different. The Breeder is squishy, highly textured, and curvy. My Fun Factory Magnum Stubbs is dense, smooth silicone which I find to be very uncomfortable vaginally. The reason the Magnum Stubbs is uncomfortable is because it doesn't actually squeak, but it feels like it's squeaking, if that makes sense. The smooth surface doesn't do anything for me besides feel weird, and because it's so hard my PC muscles stretch too much and push it out when I get too close to my vaginal opening with it.

The Breeder, on the other hand- though it is girthier than the Magnum Stubbs, is very comfortable and pleasant to use, mainly because it's squishier but also because of the texture. The texture is not readily apparent on the whole of the dildo; the curve is felt against my g-spot but only the fourth ridge is very apparent to me.

My partner is a cheese monger and I try lots of fantastic cheeses, so I'm thinking of it almost in those terms: a good cheese will have a succession of flavors, textures, and smells. Some will be very apparent, others will be background notes. This dildo is complex like a good cheese: Upon first penetration, it bumps against my g-spot and I squeeze it. The first three ridges aren't apparent, but I'm positive I feel them in the background, and the fourth ridge is very apparent, like a second kick of flavor. The dildo is, unfortunately, too long for my vagina- I can only fit up to the fourth ridge. However, this has not been an issue; the thin part below the bulge is very comfortable to hold on to while thrusting, and putting the bulge in the palm of my hand and curling my fingers around the thinner base makes it very ergonomic.

Don't let the sink fool you. This perspective makes the toy look a lot smaller than it actually is, but the
color just looked so fabulous in this lighting that I couldn't help myself. 
I generally use it with the 'pereneal raphe'- a series of bumps up the middle of one side of the product, similar to the line running up the underside of a human penis- facing upwards because I like how it feels better that way (it has a slight s curve to it, and with the line facing upwards, the end is curving upwards and hitting my g spot) and my partner reports the same for his his use- using it with the curve towards the front of his body means that it hits his prostate better.

Most 'main stream' people are really disinterested in things like the Bad Dragon products as soon as they see the renderings of the characters associated with each product- but as far as I'm concerned, they're fantastic quality, highly customizable, and there is nothing quite like them on the market. I'd recommend them to anyone who has had issues with firmer density silicone or has been looking for something that's soft and non-porous. I feel that the mainstream proclivity to stigmatize that which they don't understand gets in the way of more people enjoying these fantastic toys.

As far as I'm concerned, my Breeder is just a very interesting and very comfortable textured dildo, and anyone who would see it (I show my sex toys to pretty much everyone, and only get away with it because most of my friends are co-workers or at least open minded) who does not know the origin of the toy would just see a non-realistic textured toy with some realistic elements. I don't really think of my dildo as a dragon (though I will admit that when I tried it in my new Spare Parts Joque Harness, I strutted around proclaiming something along the lines of "all hail my dragon cock") and I think that's just fine.

Bottom line: if you're having issues with firmer silicone dildos but want to have a non-porous toy, one of these may be right for you. Consider getting their $6 Sample Set, which comes with the disks of their different densities, so you can see just how squishy these are. The Breeder is a fantastic place to start- The medium isn't really that intimidating at 10 inches in length, and the small is around average penis size with an overall length of 7 inches. If you're interested in the fantasy aspect, awesome- if not, I'd ask you to try and think about these products differently.

Words of Caution: Bad Dragon products are safe to store with other bad dragon products, but may not be safe to store with other kinds of silicone. I haven't tried. As far as I'm aware, Sliquid Silver silicone lubricant is not compatible with this product. I've tried putting it on the medium density disk and it coagulated. I am not sure if other silicone lubricants are compatible because I don't currently have others to test with it.

Bad Dragon supplied me with this product for an honest review, and this is my honest opinion. 
Thanks, Bad Dragon, for being awesome! 


  1. The colours are just amazing! I've been liking these Bad Dragon dildos, trying to figure out which one appeals to me most. That mini-me is too adorable!

  2. Great review! I really can't get over the colors.
    I took a look at some of their other products, and while I'll admit that the character pictures put me off a bit, the products themselves look really interesting and fun. And I just love how customizable everything is!

    1. Yeah, don't let the character art get to you if it's not your thing but I have a couple and they truly are my absolute favorite toys! Excepting a few more realistic "animal" toys, when disconnected from the art, most of them don't scream "lookit me I'm a dragon cock!" and so can be comfortably enjoyed. They truly are my best toys (even when held up agains things such as tantus O2 and vix-skin) and I love them to death :D