Friday, January 25, 2013

Another V-Day Sale!

This one coming from Tantus: Purple Goodies on Sale today, Friday January 25th through February 5th. Enter the Code PURPLEPASSION for 20% off any purple toys!

Of course, I made another image with some recommended purple products from Tantus:

Shown are proven classics and new toys from Tantus, but you can see many more in their webstore! New toys are The Neo, Twist, and Juice plugs and the Anaconda (I can be quoted as saying, "I just want the Tantus Anaconda so I can hit people with it") and the tried and true classics are the Little Flirt (which is my first Tantus product, I have it in copper- that color and pearl pink are still on closeout!) and the Silk in small, medium, and large.

Go look at their shop. Do it. Tantus is fantastic, their products are 100% pure premium silicone, they'll last you forever unless you maim them purposefully with a chainsaw, and you can boil them to clean them (be sure to remove the bullet vibrator from their vibrating toys, first)! They're just great, and you should know they're great because I'm not even an affiliate with them yet (waiting on getting my code) and I promote them like crazy: I do that because I love them.

There's a reason people who have Tantus products are rabid about the company. If everyone would replace their shitty jelly rubber plugs and dildos with Tantus toys, I could die happy knowing that people aren't mistreating their orifices.

What are you waiting for?

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  1. I'm in love with my Tantus Splish! I have a Raptor also, but well... That's just not happening yet.