Monday, January 28, 2013

Tampon V. Moon Cup Rap Battle? Yes Please:

I don't use the Moon Cup- I use the Diva Cup (which you can see my review of here) but this is still entertaining and accurate. I've never used tampons, but I did suffer drying, irritation, and just general grossness and lack of comfort when using menstrual pads. Using a Diva Cup has definitely made me feel closer to my own body and it's functions, and it has honestly made the whole experience more comfortable and less gross (some people argue that getting menstrual blood on their fingers or having to put their' fingers in their vagina to remove the cup is 'gross' but I posit that the momentary contact is natural and much less gross than having clotted blood in one's pubic hair from sitting in a wet pad all day)- and is environmentally responsible. I spent just over $40 on my Diva Cup, and it will last me at least a year.

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