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It tastes like Summer: My Review of Sliquid Swirl Pink Lemonade Flavored Lubricant

I'm just going to come out and say it: this stuff is tasty. 

The details:

The Product: Sliquid Swirl Natural Intimate Lubricant in Pink Lemonade. 
Size: 4.2 oz./125 ml. 


What it Says on The Back:

Sliquid Swirl
-Lemon zest with a hint of grapefruit
-Water-based and water soluble
-Glycerine free and Paraben free
-Hypoallergenic and non-staining
-Latex, rubber, and plastic friendly [note: also silicone friendly, No silicone products mentioned in the ingredients.]
-Uniquely blended to emulate your body's own natural lubrication
-Formulated to last longer than most Hollywood marriages!

"Created by Sensitive Women, For Sensible Women"

To reactivate, reapply or add water. 

The Sliquid Promise
Our products are always FREE of DEA, gluten, glycerine, glycerol, parabens, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol, and sulphates... 100% Vegan Friendly. 

Vegan Ingredients:
Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Lemon & Grapefruit flavoring, Aspartame, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid.


Ingredient Breakdown:

Purified Water: Water, pure and simple. Of course, I can't know what kind of purified water they use or what might be in it (I hope not flouride, I get enough of that in my tap water as it is...), but I think this is pretty straight forward. 

Plant Cellulose (From Cotton): Cellulose has many uses, from making paper to creating cellophane and rayon; Cellulose is also the main ingredient in "Dietary Fiber" digestive aids as it acts as a 'bulking agent' in humans, who cannot completely digest it. In this application, it is most likely used as a thickening agent. 

Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners): According to Sliquid, Cyamopsis is an additive that helps the plant cellulose in their product move and feel "incredibly slippery." [1] Guar, or Cyamopsis tetragonoloba,  is an annual legume, usually grown in India or Pakistan, that produces Guar Gum. Guar Gum is used in many applications including in the Paper and Textile Industry, and even in the production of explosives and hydraulic fracturing. I'll stick with my lubricant, thanks. 
[cited: 1:Sliquid, Wikipedia]

Lemon & Grapefruit Flavoring: Likely as simple as that. Probably just fruit extracts by my estimations. 

Aspartame: Something I have a slight allergy to. Thankfully, I don't get headaches when consuming it in this application- I was very happy when that was the case. Aspartame is a sugar substitute frequently used in things like diet sodas, but is also great because since it's completely sugar-free, it won't cause yeast infections. Yay!

Potassium Sorbate: Primary use is food preservation, so this is what's keeping your lube from going bad. As far as the internet can tell me, it isn't harmful to your health, though like many chemicals, you can become sensitive to it over time. It can also cause eye irritation, so be careful there! 
[cited: Wikipedia]

Citric Acid: From citrus fruits. Sliquid themselves says it is a natural astringent and antiseptic preservative, which they apparently mix with the potassium sorbate to effectively keep your lube from getting moldy or some such thing (who wants moldy lube? I don't). It also keeps away bacteria and extends the shelf life of the product.
[cited: Sliquid]  

One of the great things about Sliquid: their ingredient lists are incredibly short. Most of the ingredients on the list are very straight-forward and all are naturally derived (one of the main ingredients in Potassium Sorbate comes from certain berries). A+ as always with these folks. 


Sliquid always comes in these sturdy plastic (marked 1 in the triangle on the bottom) bottles. This one is clear, but the Organics come in brown tinted bottles to keep the organic essential oils and other ingredients from incurring light damage. The bottle itself is not only simple looking, but great because the lubricant doesn't come pouring out when you squeeze the bottle- in fact, there's quite a lot of resistance in the plastic when you squeeze it, so you only ever get a little bit-never more than a quarter-sized glob- which is all that's needed in most cases. Thereby, I don't get dispensed too much lube or waste any. 

My Review:

You can already tell that I like Sliquid. As a company that is definitely dedicated to being natural and body-safe, it's hard not to love them. As far as I've seen, they're also one of the most easily accessible glycerine/paraben free lubricants and definitely the most accessible glycerine/paraben free natural lubricant. In every adult store I've been to (which I admit, aren't many, but they are varied in quality)that has a lubricant section (all of them, funnily enough), I've found Sliquid. The same does not go for other natural and glycerine/paraben free lubricants like Yes, Good Clean Love, Hathor Aphrodesia, Blossom Organics, etc. I like that I can recommend Sliquid to people and feel confident in their ability to find it conveniently. I always recommend a Sliquid lubricant to customers, no matter what they're looking for; whether it be a water-based, gel water based, sensation, flavored, silk silicone/water based hybrid, or silicone-based lubricant, they have it all. As the only brand my store carries that is glycerine/paraben free as well as natural with the option to go completely organic, there's no way that couldn't be the case for me. 

As to this particular product- I find it fantastic, and that's not just because I already love Sliquid (I try to keep as un-biased as possible, as hard as that can be sometimes). A vagina-friendly flavored lubricant that's also glycerine and paraben free as well as natural? Yes, please. 

The taste is very light and lemony; clean would be a good descriptor. It definitely evokes warm summer days, even if it isn't as mind-bendingly sweet and tart as a fresh-squeezed lemonade. Because the flavor is so subdued, it melds with your partner's flavors and rejoices in them, rather than masking them. Does that sound as cheesy as I think it does? Probably, but this lube takes oral to another level, without trying to hide what you're really doing.

The lubricant itself goes fast, but the flavor sticks around for awhile, gradually mellowing and fading out all-together, though by that point I wasn't really noticing the taste so much. When my partner tried it on me, I could taste it on his lips after he had finished: a little lemony tang that just seemed like a thoughtful touch. I wouldn't necessarily recommend using it as lubricant during intercourse (mainly because it doesn't seem to last as long as a regular lubricant), but it wouldn't cause any damage. You can definitely transition from oral to intercourse without worrying about having to clean up before hand.

I tried to get my partner to give me some sort of report on how he felt about this lubricant, but he felt he hadn't used it personally enough times to give a proper review. I do, however, know that he liked it the few times he had used it- so that's something, right?

Long story short: this lube is vagina-safe (and approved personally by mine) and tasty- and lacks many chemicals that people are sensitive to or could possibly cause long-term damage. I haven't found anything bad about this lubricant other than that it's 'slipperiness' doesn't last long enough for penetrative intercourse, but it's not meant for that- and all you need to do is add a dollop of any other sliquid lube and BAM. You're all set. 

I recommend it. 

Check out Sliquid's website to learn more.

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