Sunday, May 19, 2013

iGino One: "What Women Want"

The iGino One has a lot of big dreams behind it. It uses a patented "iMoove" technology (essentially, the little nub where vibrations are focused also moves side-to-side) which is supposed to mimic manual finger stimulation. It is USB rechargeable, meant to be travel-friendly (it's small and has a cap that goes over the little vibrating nub- with the cap on it's about the size of an iPhone and even comes with a small velvet pouch), and has what they call a "skin touch head" which is a little flower shape that slips over the vibrating nub to make it softer and perhaps bring down the buzzy-ness of the vibrations. The iGino one was partially funded via Indie Go Go (their campaign is over and did not reach it's $30,000 goal).

I have a lot of issues with the iGino One, but the biggest is the "What Women Want" slogan. If the iGino One were what every woman, whether cis- or trans- gendered, young or old, no matter what their sexuality or color preference was- every woman would want a vibrator that is pink and white, travel-friendly, and features a little pink ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA, or foam rubber, which is supposedly chemically inert but is at least porous) flower-shaped 'skin touch head'. They would all want something that is strong yet meant to simulate finger movement. My issue with this is that people's needs and desires are incredibly varied; there is no one sex toy that works for everyone and even those that do their job well aren't for everyone. Why? Not everyone is interested in pinpoint clitoral stimulation like what the iGino provides. "Holy Grail" products like the nJoy Pure Wand which gives very direct, intense g-spot stimulation are not for everyone despite the fact that the pure wand does it's job very well: some people just don't like direct, intense G-Spot Vibration. That's just how things work. While it is true that a vast majority of women like clitoral stimulation, they like it in different ways, in different situations.

Beyond all that, the iGino One needs some re-thinking. Yes, the typical gender-binary pandering details like the color and flower shaped skin touch head should be nixed or at least expanded upon, but I have some gripes about the actual functioning of the product.

It only has two settings: on and off, which are controlled by a button on the side of the body of the vibrator. There are two things I don't like about this. Firstly, the one setting just feels like a very strong, very buzzy vibration. Secondly, although there is some resistance on the button, it could easily be flipped into the on position while in your bag or suitcase. It's pretty loud, so it would definitely be heard.

The vibration, as mentioned, is very buzzy, though very strong. It has brought me to orgasm, but it was probably one of the most uncomfortable orgasms I've ever experienced. The buzzyness of this thing resonated throughout my internal clitoris in a way that was actually quite irritating, despite the fact that I wore my underwear as a slight barrier. I was too distracted by the buzzing going on to actually feel my orgasm when it happened.

I think the addition of other settings- a lower setting, another one where the iMoove is slower or perhaps in a pattern, and other such iterations would be good. If you patent a new technology, why not capitalize on it and offer variation? I feel that this would be a lot less irritating just if the iMoove slowed down to "stroke" rather than something more akin to vibrating like what it does right now.

The Skin Touch attachment is a good idea, I suppose- it's softer material, which a lot of people would prefer to a hard one, myself included. However, a better option would be soft silicone attachments in different shapes- still small, but different shapes, perhaps one that basically covers the nub, another that's shaped like a fan brush but is a thin silicone, different things for different sensations. This product would be a lot more interesting just with these kinds of options included, no other changes necessary though probably still appreciated.

I just don't trust the EVA flower power "skin touch head". Not only is the material questionable to me and the shape a bit too girly for my tastes, it just isn't interesting. It doesn't offer much if any textural difference aside from being softer than the vibrating nub. I'm also annoyed by the addition of the little rings (they include multiple because they are apt to break) that go around the vibrating nub, presumably to keep any lube or bodily fluids from going inside the machine. There has to be a better way to do this; this seems to be not only a huge hassle but eventually you'll run out of them and then what? This product isn't remotely water-proof; in fact, they mention that you shouldn't wash it under running water in the manual.

Overall, I think the iGino One has some good ideas behind it but once again- a company is too busy with their pink girly design and cute packaging (the packaging is definitely very nice and even quite sturdy) to actually make something new and unique. The most unique aspect of this product, the iMoove technology, is completely lost because it's moving too fast and ends up just jackhammering your clit rather than stroking it lovingly. Maybe some people like their clit jackhammered, but I'm not one of those people. Maybe the iGino Two will be something I'm more likely to enjoy, if they get around to making one.

The iGino One was provided to me by the Creators of the iGino One free of charge in exchange for a thorough and honest review. It will be on sale for $99 at sometime soon.

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