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Crystal Delights Small Plug: My Partner's Review

A couple months ago now, I was visited at my store by Shellie of Crystal Delights. Not only did she visit, but she brought me one of their small plugs, to show around to coworkers (I want to try and get more glass in our store) and for my use and review. My visit with Shellie and Andrew (who she has told me is Mr. C Delights) was fantastic- though I was a bit embarrassed by the incredibly small and kind of terrible selection of glass products we have (pretty much just e-glass and pipedreams icicles which, by the way, have the color painted on. That chips off. I hate them), we had a great conversation about glass and I got to show them around our museum, which houses part of the owner of my store's vast collection of vintage novelties, recalled items, condom tins, and vibrators including some of the original hitachi products and the violet wand. I'm looking forward to meeting Shellie and Andrew again at some point in the future! They're very kind and interesting people who know quite a lot about the industry and really know what they're doing with their products.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty new to any sort of anal toys and the Crystal Delights plug is still a bit large for me. I've tried inserting it- and the attempt alone feels really good- but I can't get my sphincters to relax enough to allow it all the way inside of me.

Fortunately for me, my partner is much more experienced and was very enthusiastic about using the plug; I had bought him a Fun Factory Booty months before and from what I can tell, he wasn't terribly interested in it. He has, however, taken to trying pretty much anything that can be sterilized as soon as there's a day that I have work and he's at home (This has happened with the Crystal Delights Plug, my Tantus Little Flirt, my Bad Dragon Breeder, and my Key by Jopen Comet G wand). I told him that if he was going to be trying out all my toys, he had to help me review- so here we are. He insisted that I do the actual writing, and this is something new for both of us, but hopefully this review is still useful. When I become more experienced, I'll write a review of this product from my perspective and add it to this one.

Let me just say first that my partner really stepped up for this one- we did a lot of science, and he went much farther than he needed to and with enthusiasm, I might add. I'm really appreciative of this, and I at least had a lot of fun during the whole process.

This gives a good idea of how big the plug is.
The best way I can talk about this is to go through the different experiences and thoughts he has brought up to me throughout his use of the toy, and try to clarify as best I can what he means, and come to some conclusions about who might be interested in this product.

Overall, my partner has found this glass plug to be better than the silicone plugs (Fun Factory Bootie, Tantus Little Flirt) we have, for him personally. Though the size doesn't mean faster insertion, the hardness of the glass guarantees that he doesn't have to fuss too much to get it in, since it doesn't flex like silicone does- all he needs is steady pressure from the right angle to insert the toy. He also finds the initial coldness to be surprising at first, but very pleasant. The only complaint here is that the shape of the base means he can't manipulate the plug to hit his prostate- something he likes to do, but he now has my Comet G for that. Despite not being ideal for this, the base is ideal for long term wear and very comfortable because of the round smoothness of the glass.

At one point, I asked him to wear the plug long-term to see what that was like. He ended up wearing it for upwards of 7 hours, during which time he even rode his bike. Picture me sitting in my favorite cafe (they have a lava lamp, and fantastic tea) with a coworker of mine, I'm expecting my partner to come join us, and this text conversation happens:

him: " think it's ok to ride my bike with the crystal delights toy?"

me: "I don't know about that"

him: "I'll ask the internet"

me: "one of the silicone plugs would be fine but I don't know how comfortable that would be. It wouldn't necessarily be BAD, it just depends on your comfort."

him: "ok well for the sake of research..."

him: "it feels ok initially so we'll see how a longer ride feels."

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present my partner. He's fantastic, and a little ridiculous. He later reported that when he had to stop and straddled the bar on his bike, he accidentally hit the base of the plug which resulted in a rather resonant 'ting!' the resonations of which he could feel acutely throughout his pelvis. Overall, the bike ride seemed to go well, though he was a little sore the next day from the vibrations of riding going through the plug. He seemed to like it, though he hasn't repeated the experience as far as I'm aware.

Other comments regarding long term use are that the shortness of the toy was more "apparent" something he couldn't really explain to me. He did say that if the plug were longer, it probably would have been uncomfortable for long term use, and though he didn't get any prostate stimulation during the long term experiment, he said that it made both of his sphincters feel really nice- it wasn't orgasmic, but very comfortable, apparent, and pleasant regardless, and as far as I'm concerned 'orgasmic' is not a pre-requisite for a good product, although it can be a plus.

All hail the mighty butt plug. 

I'd say that this plug is good for someone who has a little bit of experience with plugs and is looking to try something different. Since this toy is glass, it's completely non-porous and therefore, will not get dirt and bacteria trapped inside of it. It's super easy to clean although Shellie doesn't recommend boiling or dishwashing the toy as it could dislodge the crystal in the base. The curves and smoothness of the toy mean that washing it with soap and water is faster and easier than even my silicone toys. The glass adds a different kind of sensation than any other material can give you; metal is similar, but still different. The frictionless surface, ability to take on a little temperature modification (though never too extreme, both because it could harm the person using it and because it could cause the glass to fracture), and the hardness of the material all make it a really great choice for a plug- it's easy to insert and it's really apparent.

These products are beautiful, very high quality, and will last forever with proper care. Not only that, but you can get a variety of fantastic plugs and other products from crystal delights: plugs with magnets on the base for beautiful ethical fur and faux fur fox and bunny tails, yarn pony tails, and cloth kitty and puppy tails, vintage vaseline medallions, which are beautiful and glow in the dark, not to mention the fantastic colors for cancer line which are colored glass plugs supporting cancer research. There are also glass wands available and different plug shapes- I'd definitely suggest looking at their full line of products available and discussing things with Shellie herself if you're looking for something unique: I've seen some beautiful custom pieces in her pictures on twitter.

Crystal Delights provided me with the Crystal Delights Small Plug to show to coworkers and in return for an honest review- I thank Shellie for her generosity and for visiting, I hope to run into her again in the future!

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  1. I'm jealous! I want one too (and a partner who would be willing to share it with me).
    I've been eyeing these beauties for a long time now, and I think it might be time to get one! Thanks for the review!