Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Do you do Kegel/PC exercise with or without a toy? Look further:

So, some of you who know me on twitter (or in real life, since I won't shut up about it) have by now heard that I'm planning on writing a booklet about Kegel/PC exercise. This was all thought up when Pandwhora of Tales from the Toybox began #OperationKegel, the initiative to do more Kegels and educate about them in 2013. If you've looked at my blog before, you may have noticed my post about the initiative.

I now want to delve further into this. I'll be creating a booklet, a nice zine really, with information on how to do PC exercise (for women and men), different tools you can use for PC exercise (Like Lelo Luna Beads, the Aneros Peridise Plugs, and more), and will hopefully include information from professionals, interviews, and personal stories. I hope to add a lot of references to the back as well, and everything will be illustrated by myself. There don't seem to be many books on kegel exercise out there, and the one's I've seen look clinical or cheesy. I'd like to create something approachable, easy to understand, and well designed to fill the gap- it also makes helping customers at my store that much easier, because you simply do not always have the correct amount of time to explain something in the detail it deserves.

I'll be self-publishing and creating regular copies of the booklet as well as creating a run of limited edition, hand-bound and hand embellished numbered and signed copies that have the cover image screen-printed onto them. I will also be creating a limited run of silk-screened prints (also numbered and signed, also hand embellished). Some of each of these things will be included in a giveaway at the end of the project, everything else will be available for sale here on my blog. I'm also going to be seeing if I can get the regular booklets carried in various adult stores, but I won't know more about that until they're done.

What I need help with is stories from people who have done Kegel/PC exercise (men or women, with or without an aid)- what it was like for you, any benefits you noticed, etc. It can be anonymous, or I can put your name and a basic bio as well as a link to your website if you're in the industry (that means: if you're a sex educator, produce adult products, have a review blog, etc). In return, you'll have contributed to something awesome and I'll give you a copy of the regular booklet to keep forever and ever.

Depending on how many replies I get on this, it's possible that not everyone's story will be included in the booklet. I do retain the right to deny a story either because it is redundant to other stories or doesn't fit in with what I'm trying to accomplish. Please do submit a story regardless (even if it's a negative one! I 'd like to have a variety of experiences represented)- I'd like to hear more about your experiences either way!

Get in touch via email, please: sex.ationally [at] gmail [dot] com

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