Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Affiliate with Early To Bed

As you may have heard, or seen on twitter or Early To Bed's website, I'm now an affiliate with them! They are the first company I'm an affiliate with, and though I'm discussing being an affiliate with other companies- Early to Bed will always be the first.

I'm pleased to be supporting such a fantastic company though my blog, and I am thankful to them for working with me and supporting my little blog in return.

Early to Bed is fantastic because they're sex-positive and give you information about toy materials right in the description of the toy- how to clean it, any precautions you should take, and whether or not it's safe for people with sensitivities. You can find reviews and tips on their website in video and text form, and interact directly with the founder of E2B Searah through twitter and email- talking with her has always been fantastic, in my experience. I'm lusting over their fantastic Black Box, which is "a unique bi-monthly subscription service, Black Box is designed to bring joy into your life every other month. Each box contains a hand-picked selection of items that we think will help keep the thrill alive, introduce you to some new ideas and keep the anticipation going all year long. We are even creating some limited-edition items for these boxes and every box includes creative ideas on how to use the products inside." if I had the extra money, I'd definitely be subscribing. Hopefully next year!

Please check out their webstore and consider supporting me through buying something with my affiliate link!


  1. Eh, Congrats to you! I hear nothing but good about Early to Bed, but I don't think they ship to Canada?

    1. I'm actually unsure. I can look into it for you, if you'd like- or you could always tweet them! They are really fantastic, and not far from Canada, being in Chicago.